Sale Price $300,000

Savings = $900 Rebate at close

Listing with Flatland Homes will save you up to 4% of the sale price of your home when compared to many agents.

​​​​​For Home Buyers

Sale Price $300,000

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We are realtors who are experts of the northwest Chicago suburban market. We have a proven approach saving $ for buyers and sellers. With our results a majority of our business is based from referrals of happy clients.

     For Home Sellers

Flatland Homes LTD charges you less to sell your home than many agents while providing you with exceptional service and expertise.  Many agents will charge a commission to a  seller of  5% to 6% of the purchase price of the home.  The commission is then split between listing agent and buyer’s agent.  As the seller’s agent, we charge you 1% as our listing commission. This can translate into real savings as illustrated below when compared with a 5% commission.





Savings = $12,000.00

$300,000 sale price with no buyer’s agent listed by Flatland Homes

Savings = $4,500.00

$300,000 sale price with Buyer's Agent(2.5%) and listed by Flatland Homes (1%)


Flatland Homes LTD will rebate 12% of their buyer’s agent commission back to you at close*. On a $300,000 with a 2.5% commission this equals $900 to buyers.

*Some restrictions may apply. Discount will be at the discretion of Flatland Homes, LTD based upon if the buyer has contacted Flatland Homes, LTD through a lead service or directly. This is only applicable to future closings. 

Sale Price $300,000

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